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One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn after Jake and I got married has been cooking and baking. When we first got married, it would take me FOREVER to make a recipe out of one of my cookbooks. If it said prep time: 30 minutes, you better believe it at least took me an hour, if not longer. A few meals we didn’t end up eating dinner until almost 10 p.m. It’s hilarious to think about now, but was a little stressful at the time! Jake would come home from working almost 12 hours (and being on his A-game every second because he wanted a job offer there) and just wanted to eat. And his new wife would take a long time to make dinner. Usually he helped me then, and it still took us forever.

We’ve come a long way since those first months of marriage. Thanks to meal planning, Sunday prep and a folder full of recipes we like, there aren’t too many 10 p.m. dinners around here anymore.

Thanks to Pinterest, cooking magazines and my like/love/interest in cooking and baking, it’s hard for me find that happy medium of making some things from scratch but also being ok with semi-homemade recipes too. Sandra Lee has made that concept a lot easier to grasp!

We try to keep our meal ingredients pretty simple and avoid a lot of processed stuff and unnecessary additives to the foods we eat. Have you ever tried natural peanut butter? SO MUCH BETTER THAN JIF. Meijer Naturals has a really great one for you to try.

We had some friends coming over last week and I really, really wanted to make this fresh apple cake. There were a few problems with this: I don’t have a bundt pan. There were only four of us for a huge cake. And I only have one 6 cupcake tin, so making cupcakes would have taken forever. And most importantly, I didn’t have a ton of time to spend waiting for these cupcakes to bake.

So, I decided to go to a trusty recipe, Oreo truffles. Simple, pretty and addictingly-amazing. I originally made them back in February, but I didn’t make them too pretty.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like an Oreo. And any recipe with cream cheese is a guaranteed winner. Mark my words! Cream cheese makes anything better.


Fall Oreo Truffles
Makes: 32 truffles

1 package double stuffed Oreos
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
Melting chocolate

1. With a food processor, blend until the Oreos look like dirt.
2. Save about 2 tablespoons for the topping. Don’t forget this step: it makes them look really fancy!
3. Add cream cheese to Oreo dirt and mix together. I used my hands for this.
4. Form mixture into little balls. I used a teaspoon to help measure the amount of these little guys. If you’re short on time, make them larger!
5. Put plate of Oreo balls in freezer to firm up.
6. Melt dipping chocolate. Then drop each ball in the mixture- fish out with a spoon.
7. Place on wax paper, then top with remainder of Oreo mixture immediately.
8. After you’ve dipped all the balls, place remainder of chocolate in sandwich bag. Cut off the corner and drizzle the truffles.
9. Use mini cupcake paper to make truffles easy for eating at your party.
10. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve. If you’re keeping them out for a long time (like all day or something), place on some kind of ice to ensure the truffles keep fresh!
11. Use self-control to only eat a few. (this is the hardest step!)


The cupcake papers, Oreo topping and extra drizzle really step these up to look extra fancy. It’s amazing what a little drizzle can do to a truffle.

oreo truffles covered

These would look really pretty for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties in coordinating papers.

We had a ton left over, so Jake’s been eating a few before dinner. That’s the best appetizer I’ve ever heard of!


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is two weeks from yesterday! I’m super excited for it; it will be the longest we’ve spent with our families since the spring.

Our calendar is pretty full between now and my birthday; it’s going to be an exciting and busy few weeks. I’ve got some really exciting news (more!) to share with you next week. Hint: no babies here.

Happy, happy Friday!


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  • Jeanne

    The truffles were delicious and beautiful too! Nate even thought they were a decoration they looked so perfect! ;-)

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