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I can’t hold the secret in anymore! Ready to know what’s holding up the graduation hats?

Jake was really embarrassed when I told him my idea for the base of the holder. He thought it was gross, but it’s actually quite the opposite! It’s really, well, clean.

Next time you finish a box of dishwasher detergent, save the box. Yep, that’s it. Why a detergent box? 1. perfect thickness for supporting 2. not too thick for making holes 3. great size for moderate number (about 15) sticks 4. repurposing something you’d normally just throw out!

I think I’m going to be that old lady one day who has left over sandwich bags in her basement, next to a box full of used curling ribbon, on top of empty cereal boxes because I hate throwing things out. I know I’m not alone in this- my grandma was one of those too. But, I know that it’s a problem, so that’s better than not knowing, right? I’m working on being intentional if I save something to future use. Living in a one bedroom apartment doesn’t leave much room for storage, so that helps a lot too. My latest reuse: old peanut butter jar turned homemade body scrub jar. I just learned you’re not supposed to reuse the disposable sandwich bags. I’ve never done that but the thought has always crossed my mind, but I guess now I’ll never do it. Thank you research!

Back to the DIY-

Before you start, make sure you get as many of the left over soap granules out of the box. Otherwise, you’ll have a quasi-maraca has a candy holder. And then you’ll have to tell people your secret of what you made the box from and that’s no good.

If you don’t have a dishwasher detergent box almost empty (and you don’t want to empty the one you currently have), a shoe box, egg carton or ice cube tray would work out great too. You can display anything on a stick too: cake pops, caramel apple slices, the list goes on and on!

I first used kraft paper last fall when Jake and I sold a ton of books on Amazon. We had a ton leftover and some how it’s magically made way into so many projects since then! It’s an illness- I want to use it for everything.

So, take your detergent box. Take your kraft paper (or any kind of wrapping paper you’d like) and wrap the box as tightly as you can. I tried to make the end pieces long enough that it wrapped under the box so you couldn’t see the tape. Next I’m I’ll do a better job.

Then, go in your toolbox (or your husband’s/brother’s/dad’s) and find something that’s a little smaller in diameter than your candy stick to use to poke the holes. That rounded gold thing is a monkey hook. It has a pointed tip which made it perfect for hole making. Make sure your holes have enough space between them for your cute hats to be proudly displayed.

After a quick search for some inspiration, I found this cute saying for the front of the hats. I couldn’t help but smile when I found it. It was perfect. And made the cute hats even cuter! If you don’t want to do a saying, you can easily wrap a ribbon, tie some string or embellish the base in just about any way imaginable. If you are open to using glitter, the base could look really cool if you covered the sides in glitter. Just saying- I’m not sure I can bring that stuff into our house quite yet; it gets everywhere!

After you find a saying, or make one up, find that perfect font to type it in (or lettered stickers or your beautiful handwriting) and put it on the edge of the box.

Insert the chocolate hats, and you’re done! A super simple display for all the chocolate work you’ve done already. This way, your guests can appreciate how they look and only touch the one they want to eat, not all of them while trying to find the perfect one. Success!

The only goofy thing about these little hats: they’re top heavy. Like really top heavy. I envisioned them all being just about symmetrical in their little holder, but after I put them in, they all got a mind of their own and tilted.

Next time, I think I’ll experiment with Styrofoam as the base for cute chocolate confections for a party. Then, they’ll stay where you place them. But for this time, the unevenness of the hats looked just like the group of graduates at the ceremony.

I can’t believe I didn’t think they looked like the actual graduates until right now! I love them even more now.

My sister-in-law’s graduation party is this weekend. She’s having cake pops instead of a full cake. I wonder how they’re going to display them! I might have an update to this post come Monday morning.

Last party of the DIY graduation party tomorrow! Out of town guests need a little welcome gift, right? Can’t wait to share with you!

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